Physical Internet Workshop

9 & 10 octobre 2018
Munich, Allemagne


  • Share and discuss the concept of the Physical Internet building consensus and providing feedback to ALICE Roadmap Towards Physical Internet (to be shared early September).
  • Define main areas of development for the Physical Internet and connecting different ongoing projects and initiatives contributing to it.
  • Identify specific actions that need to be done in the short term to get to next steps for the Physical Internet realization.


  • Day 1 will be focussed on discussing the Roadmap itself, the key research and open questions giving attention to immediate next steps to build the Physical Internet.
  • Day 2 will be focussed on connecting the Roadmap with ongoing initiatives (research & Innovation projects), company implementations and start-ups that are contributing pieces to the Physical Internet.


  • ALICE members and external stakeholders with a focus on industry.
  • Any stakeholder that wants to share a and ongoing initiative with the Physical Internet Community. Contact ALICE Secretariat for further information.

Further information and Registration